Our Approach

Open source platform

The CHEESE system builds on the Try-CybSI and National Data Service (NDS) Labs Workbench platforms. Try-CybSI provides the core containerized hands-on environments. The Labs Workbench platform provides a scalable and customizable framework for the deployment and management of containized applications.

Open source curriculum

The CHEESE curriculum will be modeled after the successful Carpentries framework. Lessons will be developed as open source modules that can easily be extended, incorporated into classroom instruction, workshops, and used for self-paced learning.

Community outreach

A goal of the CHEESE project is to develop a learning ecosystem that engages a broad community of cybersecurity educators, practitioners, and students to contribute to and benefit from the platform. The project team will engage a variety of partners from cybersecurity education communities and professional organizatinos.


The CHEESE project will evaluate the usability of the system through services provided by the Science Gateways Community Institute (SGCI).


The CHEESE project team will conduct formal evaluations of the content, workflow of content creation, and the impact of the provided materials on cybersecurity education through quantitative studies.