Cybersecurity is a highly dynamic field with newly discovered security attacks finding constant mention in news headlines. With the pervasive adoption of computing devices for activities ranging from social media to banking, travel and communication; cybersecurity is now vital in protecting personal and privileged information.

We propose to address gaps in cybersecurity training by catalyzing a broad collaborative effort of a community of cybersecurity researchers, educators, practitioners and students around open-source lessons leveraging containerized cybersecurity learning tools on a dynamic, publicly available, web-based learning platform. By presenting these learning tools exclusively through a web interface, we enable their use on a wide range of desktop operating systems. In addition to supplementing traditional cybersecurity instruction, our broader goal is to create a cybersecurity learning ecosystem that is continually updated with emerging trends in cybersecurity research as well as recently discovered security attacks.

As new security incidents are unearthed, a public resource that can provide a broad understanding of the issues involved is necessary for expanding public knowledge. By actively involving users in both the content and expansion of the platform, we can expand the reach of our platform, thus increasing its sustainability. The platform is also designed to be lightweight, portable, and flexible enough to leverage a multitude of deployment resources.

The CHEESE platform is intended for educators, students, practitioners and developers. Our emphasis on community-driven content ensures that users are actively engaged in the platform’s expansion, promoting sustained use.